pelatihan Materials & Inventory Control  Management di jakarta


Is inventory an asset or a liability? For users, inventory is definitely an asset, the more the better. But financially, inventory is a burden that cannot be avoided. When cash is used to buy materials for inventory, company loses the opportunity of receiving interest; therefore, the more cash is transformed into inventory the more opportunities of getting benefit for other purpose is lost. The key in effective inventory management is to manage inventory such that it can support the operations (highest service level) and yet it is done at the lowest cost. Too much inventory is bad and too few is also bad. Therefore, we have to find the optimal inventory through effective inventory management. This course will discuss various inventory model that fit with your need.

1. Fundamentals of Inventory Management
2. Fundamentals of Materials Management
3. The Concept of Internal Supply Chain
4. The Needs for Inventory
5. The Concept of Just-In-Time Inventory
6. The Classification of Inventory
7. The Concept of Service Level
8. The Costs related to Inventory :
+ Inventory Holding Cost
+ Ordering Cost
+ Stock-out Cost
9. The Risks of Inventory
10. Types Inventory Systems:
+ Inventory for    Dependent-Demand      Items
+ Inventory for Independent-Demand Items
11. Inventory Models:
+ Single-Period Model
+ Discrete Inventory Models
+ Fixed-Order Quantity Model (EOQ)
+ Fixed-Time Period Model
+ Optional Replenishment Model
+ Two-Bin Model
+ One-Bin Model
+ Minimum-Maximum Model
12. Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
13. Safety Stocks
14. The Accounting of Inventory (FIFO, LIFO)
15. Inventory (Stock) Taking (perpetual and annual)
16. Inventory Turn Over
17. Inventory Management for Projects
18. Warehouse Management
19. Monte Carlo Simulation


Ir. Setyawan Hardan, M.Sc.  and Team
* Expert and experienced in many projects in Operation Management
* Active as a course instructure on several subjects and speaker in operation management-related seminars.

Jadwal pelatihan 2023 :

Batch 1 : 14 – 16 Februari 2023

Batch 2 : 15 – 17 Mei 2023

Batch 3 : 14 – 16 Agustus 2023

Batch 4 : 7 – 9 November 2023

Catatan : Jadwal tersebut dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan calon peserta training The Risks of Inventory pasti jalan

Invetasi dan Lokasi pelatihan manajemen persediaan di jakarta :

· Yogyakarta, Hotel 101 (6.500.000 IDR / participant)

· Jakarta, Hotel Amaris Kemang (6.500.000 IDR / participant)

· Bandung, Hotel Neo Dipatiukur (6.500.000 IDR / participant)

· Bali, Hotel Ibis Kuta(7.500.000 IDR / participant)

· Surabaya, Hotel Amaris, Ibis Style (6.000.000 IDR / participant)

· Lombok, Sentosa Resort (7.500.000 IDR / participant)

Catatan : Apabila perusahaan membutuhkan paket in house training, anggaran investasi pelatihan dapat menyesuaikan dengan anggaran perusahaan.

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